Introductory Package (12 hours of setup work) - $865

Status review/setup of the books
Q&A video call
Assessment work/cleanup/dig-in
Next steps video call
Initial setup of Bookkeeping SOP
Setup of customized reporting templates

Weekly Custom Bookkeeping**

4 hours reserved per week - $960/month

3 hours reserved per week - $720/month

2 hours reserved per week - $480/month

As-needed additional service hours - $85/ hour

Other Services

1-on-1 training & advice - $110/hour

DIY Bookkeeping Club - $9/month

 **A typical 2 hrs/week client is a small online service-based business with 0-5 team members (coaches, consultants, etc).  A typical 4 hrs/week client provides an in-person service (restaurants, home painting services, etc.) and has a larger staff.