Designed for small business.

A proactive bookkeeping system is vital to running any small business. Cb’s bookkeeping methods are designed with an eye to the particular challenges that are faced by small service businesses.

Weekly Upkeep. We’ll organize all of the complicated money details on a weekly basis & present them in an approachable format. You get reliable numbers to make your business decisions.

Always organized. We carefully sort your financial data, execute timely reconciliations, & help you accurately track revenue and expenses. We also assist you in managing and monitoring your invoicing, bills, and payroll.

Prompt and personal service. No phone menus or wondering who will answer your email. Your personal account manager is ready to take your call and reads & responds to every email you send.

Predictable cost. Cb’s flat monthly pricing (see below) eliminates the uncertain costs associated with by-the-hour bookkeeping and is less costly than putting a part-time bookkeeper on the payroll. Custom bookkeeping plans run from $480-$960/mo plus a one-time setup fee of $865.00.

Flat Monthly Pricing.

Introductory Package (12 hours of setup work) - $865

Status review/setup of the books
Q&A video call
Assessment work/cleanup/dig-in
Next steps video call
Initial setup of Bookkeeping SOP
Setup of customized reporting templates

Weekly Custom Bookkeeping**

4 hours reserved per week - $960/month

3 hours reserved per week - $720/month

2 hours reserved per week - $480/month

As-needed additional service hours - $85/ hour

**A typical 2 hrs/week client is a small online service-based business with 0-5 team members (coaches, consultants, etc). A typical 4 hrs/week client provides an in-person service (restaurants, home painting services, etc.) and has a larger staff.

Working with Cb.

Introductory Package. Getting settled with a new bookkeeper can take as little as two weeks or as much as 3 months, depending on the needs and complexity of your business and the time you have available. Cb's Introductory Package allows us to work at your pace to set up before moving into a weekly routine. Your account manager will draft your custom Bookkeeping SOP (Standarad Operating Procedures), collect all of the logins and other details needed to get your bookkeeping running smoothly, and customize our standard checklist routines to the needs of your business.

Weekly Custom Bookkeeping. Once your Account Manager has the bookkeeping routine running smoothly, they'll bring a Transaction Processor and Assistant Bookkeeper onto the team. The team will work on your books during a weekly 3-day cycle.

Day 1

The Transaction Processor processes receipts and bank data based on the SOP "always rules".

Day 2

The Assistant Bookkeeper reviews the Transaction Processor's work and finishes categorizing any remaining transactions that didn't fall under the SOP. They are also responsible for completing monthly reconciliations as well as monitoring for common errors and mistakes in the books.

Day 3

The Account Manager reviews the processing work of both the Transaction Processor and Assistant Bookkeeper, responds to non-urgent communication from you and works on one-time projects and scheduled maintenance routines. At the end of their reserved time in your books, the Account Manager sends you a message confirming that our work for the week is complete and they will summarize any action requests and notes on unusual activity they want to bring to your attention.

Our team members are all employees of Carpetbag Enterprises and undergo background checks as a condition of their hiring. Access to accounts where bank transactions can be triggered is strictly limited to our Account Managers. Cb maintains a strict policy that prohibits any member of the team from initiating or enabling bank or credit card withdrawals, deposits or transfers.